Feature List

  • Runs as a standalone development board!
  • Processor: AMCC 405GP and 405GPr processors
  • RAM: Up to 128MB with ECC
  • FLASH: Up to 32MB
  • NVRAM: Up to 512Kb with Real Time Clock
  • Ethernet: 1 x 10/100 with RJ-45 connector
  • Serial Ports: 2 x RS-232
  • Expansion: PC/104+ PCI and ISA bus and EBC Connector
  • I2C Devices: EEPROM, Temperature Sensor
  • Power Supply: 5V wall cube supply
  • Form Factor: PC/104+ with PCI and ISA Connectors
  • Debug: JTAG RISCWatch & RISCTrace Support

Target Applications:

  •     Communications
  •     Data Storage
  •     Networking
  •     Storage Area Networks

The EP405PC computing engine takes advantage of the high performance capabilities of the AMCC PowerPC 405GP and 405GPr processors. By integrating all of the features of this processor onto a single board, the computing engine reduces Time-To-Market and increases product reliability. Scaleable in size and flexible in configuration, they provide a production-ready platform for tomorrow's networks. The board is PC/104 mechanical sized with standard PCI and ISA bus connectors.

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