Feature List

  • Runs as a standalone development board!
  • Processor: Freescale MPC8641D scaling to 1.5GHz
  • RAM: Up to 1GB in two independent banks (512MB x 2) of DDR2, one allocated to each core
  • Ethernet: Dual GigE to the front panel and dual GigE to the AMC connector on AMC channels 0 and 1 (AMC.2 type E2)
  • AMC Fabric Connectivity: 2 x GbE to AMC channels 0 and 1 (AMC.2 type E2) with options for Serial RapidIO on channels 4-7, PCI Express on channels 4-11, or a combination of PCI Express on channels 4-7 and Serial RapidIO on channels 8-11
  • Serial: Single RS-232 to front panel for monitor port
  • Power Supply: Via AMC connector per AMC.0 or from barrel connector when in stand alone mode
  • Form Factor: Advanced Mezzanine Card. Single width, full height or mid-height AMC.0
  • Debug: JTAG/COP via an onboard connector and available on the AMC connector
  • Software Support: U-Boot bootloader and Linux BSP available. VxWorks and Green Hills INTEGRITY BSPs available upon request

Target Applications:

  •     Network Access Systems
  •     Wireless Base Stations
  •     High-end Imaging Inspection Systems
  •     Media Gateways
  •     Freescale MPC8641D for Telecom
  •     General Purpose Embedded Applications

The EP8641A is a single width, full height MPC8641 Advanced Mezzanine Card processor board featuring the high performance Freescale MPC8641D dual-core PowerPC processor operating at up to 1.5GHz. In addition to the AMC configuration the EP8641A can operate as a stand-alone module and boot from on board flash allowing for rapid application development outside of the integrated ATCA or MicroTCA environment. With Linux, VxWorks, and INTEGRITY operating support, the EP8641A is built for a broad range of demanding applications in telecom, wireless basestations, media gateways, enterprise network access systems, test and measurement systems, and server blades.

For fabric connectivity the EP8641A offers extreme flexibility, while maintaining standards compliance. All versions of the board support gigabit ethernet on AMC channels 0 an 1, compliant with AMC.2, Type E2). Separate versions of the board are available in one of the following configurations: Serial RapidIO on AMC channels 4-7, PCI Express on AMC channels 4-11, or PCI Express on channels 4-7 and Serial RapidIO on channels 8-11.

At the heart of the EP8641A is a Freescale MPC8641D dual-core PowerPC processor. The MPC8641D is a highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) platform that includes duals e600 PowerPC cores, an integrated security engine, integrated PCI Express, Serial RapidIO, and Gigabit Ethernet controllers, and an integrated DDR2 memory interface. The highly integrated SoC architecture improves system performance, simplifies board design, lowers power consumption, and reduces cost.



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