Abatron Tools


Embedded Planet is a North American authorized reseller of debug solutions from Abatron. Abatron Solutions from Embedded Planet are configured to support your Embedded Planet board. You can be sure that your tools will be configured properly for your board and you will be productive immediately.

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JTAG debuggers don’t work with a given board configuration out of the box. You need a configuration script developed for the target board to ensure consistent and reliable operation. Purchasing an Abatron JTAG Emulator from Embedded Planet will ensure that it will work correctly right out of the box.

The BDI3000 allows communication via RS232 or 10 BASE-T Ethernet between the development computer and the BDM or JTAG interface of the target system. BDI3000 communicates with the target system with up to 16 Mbit/s and allows very fast program download rates of up to 340 Kbytes/s.

As a result of consistent implementation of latest technology, the BDI3000 is optimally prepared for further enhancements. The firmware and the programmable logic of the BDI3000 can be updated by the user with a simple Windows or Linux based configuration program. The BDI3000 supports target systems form 1.8-5 Volts (Rev. C).