AMC PowerPC 440EP Single Board Computer

The EP440C is a custom form factor board based on the AMC 440EP and 440GR processor. We can also customize this design for your specific needs.

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The EP440C single board computer is a flexible and capable development system for the AMCC PowerPC 440EP and 440GR processors. The EP440C board enables rapid prototyping and development of vertical solutions by combining the power of the AMCC PowerPC 440EP and 440GR processors with numerous expansion and debug options. It includes a PCI slot, serial, USB, and Ethernet interfaces for rapid prototyping of systems using standard peripheral components. In addition a full suite of software including a bootloader, flash programmer, and several operating systems ensures that building a system will be greatly simplified.

The AMCC 440EP and 440GR processors are highly integrated, powerful, and low power PowerPC cores. The 440EP runs at speeds up to 533MHz, while the 440GR can go as high as 667MHz and both include double precision floating point units, DDR memory interfaces, and integrated Ethernet, USB, UART, I2C, SPI, and PCI interfaces. The combination of high performance, integrated peripherals, and low power consumption make the AMCC 440EP and 440GR ideal for embedded industrial, medical, and networking applications.

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Runs as a standalone development board!
  • Processor:

    AMCC PowerPC 440EP up to 533MHz or 440GR up to 667MHz

  • RAM:

    256MB DDR RAM

  • FLASH:


  • NVRAM:

    Up to 512kB with Real Time Clock

  • Ethernet:

    2 x 10/100

  • Serial Ports:

    2 x RS-232

  • USB:

    USB 2.0 Device, USB 1.1 Host with 440EP processor

  • Expansion:

    PCI slot, I2C/SPI header

  • I2C Devices:

    Serial EEPROM, Temperature Sensor

  • Power Supply:

    5V Wall Cube

  • Form Factor:

    5(in) x 7(in)

  • Debug:

    JTAG and RISCTrace Support

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