The EPM2M-SM-PIO Sensor Module is an industrial grade wireless sensor for Analog Devices / Linear Technology / Dust Networks SmartMesh IP based wireless sensor networks. SmartMesh IP is built for IP compatibility and is based on 6LoWPAN and 802.15.4e standards. The EPM2M-SM-PIO provides an easy to use, seamless connection between physical sensing world and the EPM2M-SM-IP Gateway using SmartMesh IP.

The EPM2M-SM-PIO includes sensors for light, pressure, accelerometer, humidity and temperature. By leveraging SmartMesh IP Embedded Planet has created a complete wireless sensor solution which provides low power consumption and can be used in harsh and challenging RF environments.

The EPM2M-SM-PIO uses the ARM Cortez M3 processor inside the SmartMesh IP module to minimize space and save power.

The EPM2M-SM-PIO sensors connect seamlessly to the EPM2M-SM-IP Gateway to allow IPv6 / 6LoWPAN access from a secure device directly to the EM2M-SM-PIO sensor.

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  • Processor: SmartMesh IP Mote Module with Onboard Chip Antenna Containing an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit Microprocessor (LTP5902-IPM)
  • Temperature: 12 / 14 bit resolution; measurement time at 14 bit is 50 ms max
  • Humidity: 8 / 12 bit resolution; measurement time at 12 bit is 16 ms max
  • Accelerometer: Complete 6-axis, e-compass hardware solution
  • +2 g/+4 g/+8 g dynamically selctable acceleration full-scale range
  • +1200 μT magnetic sensor full-scale range
  • 14-bit ADC resolution for acceleration measurements
  • 16-bit ADC resolution for magnetic measurements
  • Light: Maximum Lux Sensitivity – Fluorescent light – 0.045 Lux/ LSB
  • Saturation Ambient Lux Level – Sunlight – 188,000 Lux
  • LEDs: 1x Green, 1x Red
  • Power: 2x AAA Batteries
  • Form factor: Proprietary 3 x 2 x 1 inch Embedded Planet Enclosure
  • Debug: Eterna Programming Header: ICSP of LTP5902-IPM module,
  • CLI UART; MIPI-10 JTAG to LTP5902-IPM module;
  • API UART over USB; SPI bus breakout

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