Embedded Multi-Purpose Modem with Integrated Sensors


Enabling Your Connected World

Agora is the ultimate solution for bringing your system into the realm of IoT. Wireless options include any combination of cellular, LoRa, and Bluetooth, while sensor options include temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, distance, sound, light, 6-axis accel/gyro, and 9-axis accel/gyro. You can integrate Agora into your own system using using either a standard 2×10-pin modem header or its EP-designed Tectonic Edge board connector. Choose whether to power it from its own battery, a US-style AC wall outlet, or your own hardware. Certifications include PTCRB, AT&T TRENDI, ARM MBED Enabled.

Production-Ready | With Plastics + Battery

Looking for a plug-and-play solution? You found it! The Production-Ready Agora comes complete with its custom plastic enclosure, internal LiPo battery, and populated Agora. With a USB-micro cable in tow for battery charging, the Production-Ready Agora is prepared for deployment into all kinds of sensing and connectivity applications. 

Development Kit | Flidor + Agora + extras

Looking to develop your own applications on Agora? The Flidor board is specially designed to complement Agora as the ultimate development board. Featuring an NXP OpenSDA DAPLink debug circuit built around a K20DX microcontroller, Flidor provides an ideal solution to programming and debugging your Agora boards. Flidor also breaks out all accessible connections on the Agora into pin headers, jacks, connectors, and pushbuttons for the most simple of development experiences.

OEM | Base device

The OEM Agora is the option for those who are ready to dive into a design solution. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing board design with its 2×10-pin modem header or Tectonic Edge connector. Bring premium connectivity to your system without having to manage external connections or power sources. 

Mains-Powered | US-Style Mains Input

Some say the best power source is the one you only have to use once. The Mains-Powered Agora comes equipped with an AC-DC converter and custom plastics so you can plug your Agora into a US-style mains line and forget about it. With the power capability to enable unrestricted continuous cellular transmission for years on end, there’s no limit on the simplicity factor here. Ideal for applications with high power draw, set-it-and-forget-it deployments, and LiPo restrictions.

Hardware Features