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Agora Open: Multi-Functional Wireless Node with Integrated Sensors


Cell Modem + Sensors

Complete standalone cellular connectivity solution | Telit ME910 | nRF52840 BLE | CAT-M1 Cellular | GNSS | 4FF/MFF2 | NiceRF SX1276 LoRa | 9-Axis IMU | 6-Axis IMU | Temperature/Humidity | Air Quality | Time of Flight ranging | Microphone | NOR Flash | LiPo Battery | Custom Enclosure
Connected Asset - Galaxis - Top

epConnected Asset

Cell-Enabled Asset Tracker

Cell Modem + GNSS + MCU + Sensors + LEDs

epConnected Vehicle

Cell-Enabled Vehicle Interface

Cell Modem + GNSS + MCU + Sensors + CAN + I/O
Open Flane

epConnected Equipment

C1D2 Industrial Data Acquisition

Cellular + GNSS + MCU + Industrial I/O + Battery


Programming & Debug Board

Debug & Programming interface | Power input options | Target voltage options | Agora mounting options | Signal voltage & current management options


Modem Development Board

Designed for standalone cell modem development | Onboard nRF52840 | BLE + onboard antenna | RGB LED | Temperature sensor | DF-12 header footprint | Power input options | Cell modem management interface | Onboard pushbutton | Cortex debug header| Tectonic Edge interface

Tectonic Edge

Board Finger Interface Feature

Board interface ecosystem for Embedded Planet devices | Designed for ease of development & solution integration

Agora Development Kit

Agora + Flidor + Extras

Everything needed to develop application using Agora | Includes Agora, Flidor, cell antenna, GNSS antenna, USB cable, power supply, and mountaing hardware

Chronos Development Kit

Chronos + Atlas + Extras

Everything needed to develop with Chronos | Includes Chronos cell module, Atlas development board, cell antenna, & USB cable

M2M Gateway

Gateway for SMIP, LoRa, & More

Configurable options available