Embedded Cellular Modems for IoT Applications

Simplifying Cellular Connectivity

A mere 29.5mm x 33mm in size, the Chronos module can be mounted using a standard 2×10-pin modem header or the module’s own castellated pads. Modem integration with your hardware has never been easier. 

Worldwide Cellular | CAT-M1 (Telit ME310)

Highlighting a Telit ME310 CAT-M1 cellular module, this configuration of Chronos can deliver the cellular connectivity you need where you need it.

IoT Cellular | NB-IoT (Telit NE310)

A Telit NE310 NB-IoT cellular module powers this configuration of Chronos, enabling you to bring superior connectivity to your NB-IoT infrastructure plans. 

Atlas | Modem Evaluation Board

Bring ease and efficiency to your modem development. Highlighting an nRF52840 host, Atlas incorporates useful prototyping features such as an onboard temperature sensor, pushbutton, RGB LED, bluetooth, USB connector, and more. Designed with Chronos in mind, the Atlas board features a 2×10 modem header along with a Tectonic Edge™ connector for use with Flidor and other EP development tools.