Our Capabilities

Using epConnected solutions and services you are 80% done with many projects before you begin. Our EP Design Studio focuses on working with you to understand your business and application requirements to finish the remaining 20%.

Embedded Planet’s team has experience in all phases of embedded systems development and can provide you with services to help you reduce project risk, time-to-market, and cost.

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Customize Your Solution

epConnect™ Platform

Our epConnect platform is developed out to save time and money. With 80% of the infrastructure completed, you can get up and running effortlessly. 

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Design Studio Services

Embedded Planet manages the complete lifecycle of the product. Featuring customized hardware & software to meet your specific requirements.

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Your Data Enabled!

Usable data, on a dashboard, customized for your specific needs.

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EP offers an array of options for sensing the physical world: temperature, humidity, pressure, light and sound.

Accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers offer insights into the motion of your device.

GNSS allows location and tracking of your device.

epConnected Equipment allows you to connect your industrial sensor to the IIoT.

epConnected Vehicle allows remote telemetry for your OBDII or J1939 equipped vehicle.

Sensor Feature Grouping


Any of EP’s sensors can be paired with any of the wireless connectivity technologies offered: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN and cellular.

Whether direct to the IIoT or via an EP gateway, data from your sensors can be made available in AWS, Azure or your private cloud server.

Chronos and Agora


Mechanical devices leverage industrial design. They
integrates electronics and customer requirements.  In addition mechanical devices:

  • developed to includes enclosure design and production
  • Includes Injection Mold Design and Plastic Approval Process
Mechanical Design


Software includes hardware enablement, customer application, cloud connectivity, security, OTA, power optimization.

Dashboards, alarms, reporting and data logging can be developed.

Software Screens

Energy Harvesting

EP solves the ever present question of how to power remote sensors without the need to replace batteries and, in some cases, without the need for batteries at all.

The “forever battery” approach couples a small rechargeable battery with energy harvesting appropriate to the application – solar, thermoelectric, RF, or vibration – to ensure that there is never a need for the user to replace or recharge the battery.

For some applications, the battery-less approach can be taken.  EP has demonstrated sensor applications that do not require a battery and are powered solely by energy harvested from the environment.