EP Connected Equipment

IoT Connectivity Platform for Industrial Applications With Cellular, BT, & More

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Wirelessly Monitor Your Equipment

Using Embedded Planet’s Agora module with a custom host board designed to talk to industrial equipment. Customers can develop their own application software on Agora. Industrial and IP rated with options for hazardous locations.

Do you have questions if Agora is the right solution for your application?  Contact our team with your questions or find out more about our embedded development develop services.

Designed With Industrial Connectivity In Mind

Wireless Connectivity Features:
– Cellular
– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– LoRa

Wired Connectivity:
– RS-485
– RS-232

External Sensors:
– 2-Wire 4-20mA Transducers (x4)
– 3-Wire 0-5V Transducers (x4)
– Transducer power limiting suitable for use in Hazardous CID2 environments.

– Universal AC or 12VDC solar panel
– 12VDC sealed battery backup

Open Flane

Robust Enclosure

Designed for industrial settings:
– IP 67 enclosure
– Industrial I/O
– Battery backup
– Pole mount and solar panel options available
– User connections through cable glands to terminal blocks

Uses Certified Agora

Features Include:
– Nordic nrf52840 based
– Connectivity – Cellular, BT and LoRa

On board sensors include:
– Temp/Humidity/Pressure
– Air Quality (b-VOC)
– Anti-Tamper (Time of Flight)
– Air Quality (b-VOC)
– Accel/Gyro/Magnetometer