Unique Industries, Common Solutions

We provide our customers single board computer modules in a variety of the industries standard and custom form factors designed to their application requirements. While our customers often have unique requirements driven by their industry, they often share a common set of requirements:

  • Network Enablement
  • Power Efficiency
  • Product Longevity
  • Environmental Stress

Networking and Communications

Embedded Planet single board computers can be found at the heart of many networking and communications products. Our products feature processors specifically designed to accelerate network processing, while minimizing power consumption and simplifying software development for network control and interface. 

Read about our Networking and Communications Solutions.


Embedded Planet has designed and delivered products to meet the harsh operating conditions often seen in military applications. Our products are used in demanding and diverse applications such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), fire control systems, and ruggedized routers. Learn about our Military Solutions.


Embedded Planet products are used in industrial applications ranging from hand held test equipment to semiconductor manufacturing machinery. The industrial market requires power efficient and environmentally rugged designs that Embedded Planet has been delivering for many years. Discover our Industrial Capabilities and Solutions.