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Embedded Planet is the leading provider of IoT development solutions. We provide customized development board and IoT products to fit your requirements, from concept to production by our engineers in the United States.

Agora: Enabling Your Connected World

An all-in-one, standalone wireless solution packed with the connectivity of Cellular, Bluetooth, and LoRa augmented with a myriad of sensor options, Agora is the ultimate hardware answer for how to bring your system into the connected world of IoT.

More IoT Product Solutions:


Embedded cellular modem for compact IoT applications

Atlas EP Modem Evaluation Board - Full Image


Embedded Planet's modem development board with onboard Bluetooth & sensors

ChronoSpot | USB Cellular Modem Product


USB-connected cellular modem solution with antenna

Designed & Built in the USA

Secure & protect your intellectual property with our US-based firmware engineering team
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About Us

In 1997, Embedded Planet pioneered the Design, Develop, Deploy process for embedded systems engineering. Today we help customers build and maintain the Internet of Things  (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions. This technology allows our customers to take advantage of production tested, reusable product designs in all phases of system development. By using out IoT development solutions, customers can reduce time to market, project risk, and development costs.

Embedded System Development and Design Services

Using our existing EP design configurations we are 80% done with many projects before we begin. Embedded Planet’s team has experience in all phases of embedded systems development and can provide you with services to help you reduce project risk, time-to-market, and cost. Extensive experience in high-density board design, high-speed signal connections, embedded operating systems, and embedded firmware will get your product to market on time. 

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