Hazard Waste Monitoring

Monitor Hazardous Waste Safely and Securely

IoT Sensor Applications For Hazard Waste Monitoring


Sensors can monitor air quality, temperature, humidity and audio.

Manufacturing Material

Monitor material usage to prevent leakage as well as air quality, temperature and humidity related to storage.

Construction Area

Ensure the material storage and usage is not causing a problem related to air quality and leakage. Monitor air quality, temperature and humidity related to storage.

The Solution: Remote Hazard Waste Monitoring

Hazard waste storage facilities are difficult and dangerous human physical environments where remote monitoring is often a necessity. Embedded Planet has designed and delivered several special purpose remote sensing devices built on its EP Connect technology. Monitor temperature, humidity, toxic fumes and various types of harmful radiation without exposing plant personnel to greater risk. Remotely placed sensor units can alert management via text, email or cloud data when abnormal operating conditions arise. Sensor stations can even relay video images to confirm environmental security of a storage area.

  • Improved worker safety
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Scheduled maintenance
Target Applications
  • Material Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Material application

Products Included In This Solution

Arrow Electronics Sensors

Sensors include Air Quality, temperature, proximity, position, moisture, flow, fluid leaks and vibration.

Embedded Planet epGateway™

Sensors connect directly to the Embedded Planet epGateway. The epGateway serves as a sensor hub for both wired and wireless sensors including epSensors. The epGateway can send data to Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Amazon AWS. It also provides remote device management in a secure multi-tenant environment.


Sensor data is sent to Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Amazon AWS. Device management is performed via epCloud and can securely update device firmware and manage the system remotely. Data rendered into visualization dashboards which use rules to notify maintenance personnel via texts or push the data to tools for automatic work order creation. Data is stored in a cloud-based database for longer term historical analysis which is required for predictive analytics.

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