Hazard Waste Monitoring

Remote Area Modular Monitoring

Remote Area Modular Monitoring, or RAMM, uses sensors paired with redundant, self-healing communications platforms that can work even in the most challenging conditions.  Find additional details on the Arogonne National Labs site at https://www.anl.gov/partnerships/argus-remote-area-modular-monitoring


RAMM Infographic

Argonne Labs RAMM

  • Industrial / Energy Waste Monitoring
  • Uses EPM2M Gateway with modifications for Battery, PoE and I/O
  • Includes Cellular, Satellite and SmartMesh IP
  • Uses customer I/O and custom thermocouple module in industrial enclosure

RAMM Traveler

  • Mobile version of RAMM
  • Battery powered
  • Uses EPM2M Gateway
  • Includes Cellular, Satellite and SmartMesh IP
Argonne for Hazardous Waste
RAMM Mobile Configuration

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