USB Cellular Modem for IoT Applications

ChronoSpot | USB Cellular Modem
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CTIA Device Certified

Simplifying Cellular Connectivity

ChronoSpot is a small USB based modem which uses the Chronos certified modem. Connect systems with USB to cellular Cat-M1 or NB-IoT. Chronos also supports GNSS for location tracking.

OEM Based USB Cellular Modem

Use your own enclosure or integrated inside your equipment or have Embedded Planet customize your enclosure. 

ChronoSpot Specifications

Global CatM / NB-IoT
Telit ME310G1-W1
PCB 54.5 X 29.5mm
Plugged In 100 X 35mm (Including Antenna)
External SMA(F) for Antenna
Network Status and Power LED
4FF Nano SIM
eSIM Available
Telit OneEdge enabled
USB Serial 2.0
Custom enclosure and White Label available


Worldwide IoT Cellular | NB-IoT (Telit NE310)

A Telit NE310 NB-IoT cellular module powers this configuration of Chronos, enabling you to bring superior connectivity to your NB-IoT infrastructure plans.