Airport Asset Management Solution

Simplifying Airport Management with Real-Time Insights.

IoT Sensor Applications In An Airport

Baggage Handling

Predict failures by monitoring vibration, noise and temperature via sensors that are installed near motors, actuators and other critical components.

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Potable Water Cabinet

Temperature, flow, leak detection and other sensors are installed in the potable water cabinet. Out of limit sensor reading (like freezing water) trigger a message to the facilities management.

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Escalators & Walkways

Predict equipment failure by monitoring vibration, noise, hydraulic fluid leaks and temperature via sensors that are installed near motors, actuators, gearboxes and other critical components.

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The Solution: Airport Asset Management with Real-Time Insights

This solution solves the complexities of airport infrastructure management which arise due to growing air travel. Sensors are installed in key areas of customer interface such as baggage handling systems, potable water cabinets, passenger escalators and walkways. Allowing constant data communication on various parameters. Anomalous sensor data trigger alarms to facilities management. These early warning signals minimize equipment downtime and ensure smooth flow of operations and customer satisfaction. The solution has been successfully implemented at a large international airport and has a wide scope to expand its usability in commercial building management and other areas.

Solution Components

The sensors and gateways work in tandem with any 3rd party cloud platform and the resulting data is analyzed to predict failures before they occur and establish maintenance methodologies.

  • Greater efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Increase passenger throughput
  • Optimize asset performance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Minimize equipment failure /downtime
Target Applications
  • International/national airport operators
International/national airport operators
  • Commercial facilities/building management
  • Water supply and sewage management
  • Retail/mall management

Products Included In This Solution

epConnected Sensors

Sensors include Air Quality, temperature, proximity, position, moisture, flow, fluid leaks and vibration.


Sensors connect directly to the Embedded Planet epGateway. The epGateway serves as a sensor hub for both wired and wireless sensors including epSensors. The epGateway can send data to Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Amazon AWS. It also provides remote device management in a secure multi-tenant environment.

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