Development Board for Embedded Planet Platforms

Empower Your IoT Development

Flidor is a programmer, debugger, and breakout interface for Tectonic Edge™ compatible target devices. The Flidor board includes a DAPlink interface featuring a K20DX microcontroller, allowing the Flidor to power a target MCU and connect it to a computer via USB for debugging. The Flidor board not only breaks out all the pins of the target device’s Tectonic Edge™ connector but can also connect to devices for programming/debugging through the Cortex Debug/+ETM pins. Flidor can be powered over USB, banana jacks, DC barrel jacks, and more. Additionally, Flidor features various options for mounting and orientation in which you can connect Tectonic Edge devices.

Agora Development Kit | Agora + Flidor + accessories

Looking to develop your own applications on Agora? The Flidor board is specially designed to complement Agora as the ultimate development board. Featuring an NXP OpenSDA DAPLink debug circuit built around a K20DX microcontroller, Flidor provides an ideal solution to programming and debugging your Agora boards. Flidor also breaks out all accessible connections on the Agora into pin headers, jacks, connectors, and pushbuttons for the most simple of development experiences.

Flidor EPM2M-FL-BRD Pinout Diagram