Medical Surgical Device

Medical Equipment Company Requires a small power Architecture COM Board

In 2002, a leading medical surgical equipment provider was looking to outsource a design based on a PowerPC processor as the company had previous experience with the PowerQUICC processors.  One of their contractors had worked with Embedded Planet in the past and during their investigation phase they purchased an Embedded Planet EP8260C board.  They were actively developing their own design but ran into a series of technical issues.  Embedded Planet was contracted to complete the design because of our extensive experience with the PowerQUIIC processor.  This resulted in a successful completion of the design process in a very short period of time. 

The integration of the EP8260C into their product was a lengthy (several year) process as it is a medical surgery device that required extensive FDA certification.  Embedded Planet’s support was integral to their qualification process.

Embedded Planet provided the customer with a 100% functionally tested “plug and play” COM module to simplify their production process.  We continue to provide this module today, managing the product life cycle and maintaining end-of-life parts inventory to ensure the final product’s reliability and compliance with FDA regulations.