Network Test Equipment

A “Credit Card” size COM Board for Network Test Equipment

In 2000, a Canadian customer with expertise in xDSL testing equipment was looking for a processor solution for their handheld product line. They needed specific communications interfaces like ATM, Ethernet, serial, and general I/O, low power, as well as their operating system of choice. They had identified a Freescale processor that was of interest to them and were searching for development solutions. They found Embedded Planet via our relationship with Freescale and the listing of our products on their website. Embedded Planet had two COM products that employed their processor of interest. The first product was a larger PC/104 mechanical sized board. The customer’s initial purchase was one of these for evaluation and development as it populated more peripherals. The second product was a scaled-down version that had the same mechanical and electrical interface expansion bus. This credit-card sized COM module was a perfect fit for their deployment requirements and offered them a way to focus their engineering efforts on their expertise and not on the CPU design.

The reasons this customer continued with Embedded Planet was our commitment to support them in delivering thoroughly tested units (we 100% of our boards test in their production equipment), continuing engineering support of manufacturing as well as upgrading designs, and addressing their cost issues as reasonably as we could (design and component revisions, working with our CMs, reducing margin on higher lot size orders).