How epConnect Works


Data Capture

epSensors are wireless or wired sensors which link physical data to epConnect. Sensor options include light, acceleration, pressure, temperature, humidity and others.


Data Collection and Transfer

epGateways are the data aggregator for epConnect and provides an easy-to-use, seamless connection between a variety of last mile wireless sensor networks and the Internet via cellular or Ethernet or Wi-Fi.


Data Storage

epCloud allows users to pick their own servers or Cloud solutions for Data analytics and visualization. Solutions include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Bluemix as well as Arrow Connect.

Customize Your Solution

epConnect™ Platform

Our platform is developed out to save time and money. With 80% of the infrastructure completed, you can get up and running effortlessly.

Design Studio Services

Embedded Planet manages the complete lifecycle of the product. Featuring customized hardware & software to meet your specific requirements.

Your data, enabled!

Usable data, on a dashboard, customized for your specific needs.