Galaxis Asset Tracking

Cellular based tracking with Bluetooth and sensors


Wirelessly Monitor Your Key Assets

–Using Embedded Planet’s Galaxis module you can track your assets via a cellular connection. Customers can develop their own application software on Galaxis and push the data to the cloud of their choice. This configuration allows seamless IoT integration into your application.

Certified & Secure

In addition to its many functional capabilities Agora embedded modem also hits the target with delivering your data using secure and reliable tools. Certifications include PTCRB, AT&T TRENDI,Micrsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) qualified.

Galaxis Full Board

Designed With Connectivity In Mind

The Galxis configuration includes these features:

Wireless Features

  • Cellular 4G LTE, Worldwide
  • GNSS
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • On-board antenna for all radios

Onboard Sensors

  • Temperature / Humidity
  • Barometer / Altimeter
  • 3-axis IMU: accelerometer
  • 6-axis IMU: accelerometer + gyroscope
  • 9-axis IMU: accelerometer + gyroscope + magnetometer

Additional Features

  • Application MCU
  • Nano-SIM card & eSIM options
  • LiPo battery charging