Renesas RZ/G3S-based SoM

EPI - Hyspero with Renesas

Low Power System on Module

With a technology partnership between Renesas and Embedded Planet, they have created a RZ/G3S Computer on Module, a SO-DIMM solution for headless applications.

This general-purpose microprocessor boasts an ARM Cortex-A55 1.1 GHz MPU and two ARM Cortex-M33 250MHz MCU cores

Product highlights include:

  • Linux-based connectivity with GHz class CPU performance
  • Separate power domains enable µW operation for IoT edge
  • Power savings when needed; powerful computing when needed

Power in the Partnership

Embedded Planet partnered with Renesas to develop this product.  This product includes the Renesas security engine. It uses Renesas RZ/G3S MPU featuring:

  • A55 application core
  • M33 real-time core with FPU
  • M33 real-time, always on core
Hyspero Development Customization

Customization and Support

The support includes:

  • Renesas Linux BSP v1.0.0
  • Yocto recipes included
  • Linux kernel 5.10-CIP
  • Linux drivers

For further development and customization, Embedded Planet offers design services for your development efforts including:

  • SoM Hardware
  • SoM Firmware and Software
  • Custom carrier boards for the SoM

Hyspero Development Kit

The Hyspero Development kit is specially designed to complement development and includes: 

  • Hyspero SoM
  • EP carrier board
  • Power supply
  • Wi-Fi