Embedded Software

Our software packages allow the embedded software engineer to start development or porting of their application quickly on the Embedded Planet hardware. PlanetCore bootloader, diagnostics, and flash burning software comes pre-loaded on all of our single board computers. This allows the board to run stand-alone without additional tools. We also offer several Board Support Packages (BSP) for popular embedded operating systems.

Board Support Packages

Board Support Packages (BSP) for Embedded Linux and VxWorks are available directly from Embedded Planet contain prebuilt RAM and ROM kernel images and documentation that describes installing the BSP, setting up the development environment (target and host), building and downloading a custom kernel image, and running applications. Source code for the images is sold in certain BSP packages.

Embedded Firmware

Embedded Planet has adopted U-boot as the bootloader and firmware test platform of choice for its products. U-boot has an acitve developer community and is supported by many of the embedded processor companies. All of Embedded Planet’s products developed since 2005 have included U-boot support. U-boot is also available on many of our older products upon request.

Embedded Planet has extensive experience porting U-boot to new hardware architectures and our software engineers can be contracted to port U-boot to your hardware. We also have experience developing custom firmware for manufacturing test and diagnostics based on U-boot.