Green Hills Software

Board Support Packages (BSP) available from Embedded Planet contain prebuilt RAM and ROM kernel images and documentation that describes installing the BSP, setting up the development environment (target and host), building and downloading a custom kernel image, and running applications. Green Hills INTEGRITY Board Suppoort Packages are available for purchase from Green Hills Software .

Green Hills Software INTEGRITY® is a secure, royalty-free Real-Time Operating System intended for use in embedded systems that require maximum reliability. INTEGRITY represents the most advanced RTOS technology on the market today. Without the burden of compatibility with 1980’s vintage products, INTEGRITY was designed from the ground up for 32-bit and 64-bit embedded processors, and employs the latest in RTOS technology. INTEGRITY achieves unprecedented levels of reliability, availability, and serviceability for applications in telecommunications, defense, networking and medical equipment along with many other industries.

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