The EPM2M96CYP6 is an 96boards IoT compliant module and is a compact, cost-effective, and powerful platform for developing IoT
applications. The EPM2M96CYP6 can be used as a BLE beacon and support Mbed OS with programming via the PSoC5. At the heart
of the module is the Cypress PSoC6 ARM Cortex M processor.  Sensing data is provided by the Bosch BME 680. The External Bus Connector (EBC) provides direct access to the Cypress PSoC6.  The EPM2M96CYP6 can be combined with the I/O module which supports the cellular common foot print, several pmod and Grove connectors.

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  • Form Factor: PSoC 6 BLE based sensor module in the 96Boards IoT Edition form factor
  • Processor: PSoC 63BL SoC with 150MHz ARM Cortex-M4F 32-bit CPU and 100MHz Cortex M0+ CPU.
  • Flash Memory: QPSI FRAM 1Mb (128k x 8)
  • QSPI NOR Flash 512Mb (64MB)
  • Ports: USB Micro-B Port
  • 96 Boards 2×20 Header
  • Wireless: Bluetooth Low Energy BT 4.2 with on-board trace antenna and option U.FL connector.
  • Sensor: Bosch BME680 gas, pressure, temperature and humidity sensor.
  • User Input: 2 User push buttons
  • LEDS: User – RGB
  • User – Red, Orange, Green
  • Power – Green
  • Bluetooth activity – Blue
  • Interfaces Available on 96 Boards expansion header: Two I2C interfaces
  • One SPI interface
  • Two UARTs
  • 12 GPIO
  • Programmer: PSoC 6 based KitProg2 on-board programmer/debugger
  • Supply Voltage: 5V through USB Micro-B Connector

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