Production Management

Single Board Computing & Embedded Systems Production

Embedded Planet offers full volume production services from our ISO-9002 certified contract manufacturer. We can take over the entire life cycle and logistics management function to simplify your process and save you money over the life of your project.

Contact us to find out how our production services can simplify your product deployment.

Customization of our base Single Board Computers

Our Single Board Computer (SBC) configurations can be fully customized to meet your performance and cost requirements. We will work with you to identify a configuration of CPU type, RAM, Flash, temperature and connector requirements which fits your needs. Our flexible services ensure that you get a customized solution.

Integration Hardware and Software Delivery

We can deliver a fully integrated and tested hardware and software solution. All of our production boards include royalty free preloaded binary versions of our PlanetCore firmware suite and can optionally include an Embedded Linux or VxWorks Board Support Package. Additionally Embedded Planet can integrate additional I/O modules or system components to form a complete package. We can do the sourcing or work with one of your preferred suppliers.

Production Expertise

We utilize an ISO-9002 certified manufacturer for all of our manufacturing. We have a demonstrated history of producing high quality production designs. All products are delivered neatly packaged and 100% tested.