Custom BSP Development

Linux, VxWorks, Integrity, QNX

Embedded Planet’s software expertise includes the development of Board Support Packages (BSPs) for various Real Time and embedded operating systems.   We have experience working with the following hardware architectures: PowerPC, ARM, StrongARM, x86, MIPS, Coldfire and 8/16 bit microcontrollers.

We have the capability to create BSPs and implement device drivers for both standard and custom development boards.  We create custom board support packages to rapidly deploy an operating system and fully utilize the features of the underlying hardware platform.   We can configure the BSP to meet our customer’s specifications for specific peripherals, operating system features, file systems and memory types.

We can also create a boot loader to initialize and customize your hardware and device drivers.  Our engineers have extensive knowledge of the following operating systems: VxWorks, Linux (multiple distributions), Integrity, QNX.  We also have extensive experience porting several open source boot loaders and flash programmers such as U-Boot, RedBoot, and IBM PIBS.

Our capabilities Include:

  • Boot-loader Development
  • Memory and Clock Controller Initialization
  • I2C, I2S control interfaces
  • Firmware Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • Complex Board Support Packages
  • Feature Enhancements
  • Design & Interoperability Testing
  • Custom Application Program Interfaces (APIs)
  • Built-in Self Testing and Power-on Self Testing

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