Conduction Cooled CompactPCI

Embedded Planet has the capability to repurpose its existing designs into alternative form factors to meet specialized customer requirements. This CompactPCI card began its life as an air-cooled Advance Mezzanine Card and was subsequently morphed into a conduction cooled CompactPCI 3U card to meet our customer’s exacting specifications. Call us today to discuss your specific design requirements.

Custom Conduction Cooled CompactPCI

Conductively Cooled Compact PCI

Our large network of partners allows us to create entire systems quickly and easily with a single point of contact for support and purchasing. In addition many of our products are built to be highly configurable and expandable.

We can also offer numerous operating system choices so that you aren’t limited in your choices. We will offer you a solution that makes the most sense for your application development, performance and cost targets. And because it is all coming from one place you know that it will work well together, leaving you the opportunity to focus on your application development and not application infrastructure.