Power Grid LTC Position Data Communication

Load Tap Changer Load tap changers (LTCs) play an important role in the power grid. Possible to overlook, a failed LTC can cause complications for the substation and the greater electrical grid.

LTC position monitors play an important role in the substation process because they relay critical information between LTCs and controllers. With ongoing monitoring there are several benefits, including:

  • Balanced transformer loads
  • Regulating line voltage
  • Reducing overall power costs
  • Communicating with control and data acquisition system

When an LTC fails, the entire transformer has a service outage that causes adverse effects on numerous distribution circuits & the remaining power grid.

Electrical Substation Building ExteriorLTC vendors have used the Embedded Planet Chronos cellular modem to connect their LTC products to the cloud, thereby improving the reliability of the power grid monitoring equipment.

By using the Chronos Cellular Modem in their position monitors, customers enable data communication from the device to the cloud and commands from the cloud to the device.

Programmable alarms can be set on the device and near real-time status analysis can be performed in the cloud. Actions based on either alarms or status analysis or a combination of both can be take remotely.

With these capabilities, the LTC in an electric grid station can be monitored in real-time. Further adjustments to the system can be made to reduce costs and increase reliability.

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