SmartMeshIP Wireless Network Solutions

Quickly and easily build a remote monitoring and data visualization network for machine-to-machine applications. Port data to web-based visual “dashboards” or convert to email / SMS alerts. The Embedded Planet M2M Wireless Manager combines flexibility and ease of setup for mesh and point-to-point data gathering and visualization.

The Gateway (EPM2M-SM-IP):
Industrial grade complete cellular gateway for Linear Technology / Dust Networks SmartMesh-IP based wireless sensor networks. SmartMesh IP is built for IP compatibility and is based on 6LoWPAN and 802.15.4e standards.

The gateway provides an easy to use, seamless connection between any SmartMesh IP based network and the Internet via cellular, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Off-The-Shelf Wireless Sensors for Development (EPM2M-SM-IO):

  • Temperature sensor at 12 / 14 bit resolution with measurement times of 50 ms max.
  • Humidity sensor at 8 / 12 bit resolution with measurement times of 16 ms max.
  • Pressure sensor with range of 20 to 110 kPa.
  • Accelerometer with complete 6-axis, e-compass solution.
  • Light sensor with maximum lux sensitivity of 0.045 Lux / LSB.
  • Battery powered options available.

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