MicroTCA Systems


MicroTCA Systems for Any Application

Product Information Request We can deliver your MicroTCA system with ANY CPU, DSP, FPGA or storage card (from any vendor) necessary for your application.  Embedded Planet has partnered with Schroff, a leading MicroTCA vendor, to deliver complete systems integration solutions for MicroTCA Application Platforms.
The Scroff MicroTCA platforms are targeted at enabling wireless and networking infrastructure, network test equipment, and high performance computing manufcaturers.  Embedded Planet’s integrated platforms are highly configurable allowing you a choice of backplane configurations, fabric options, AMC cards, and software support.
The MicroTCA is an open standard is governed by PICMG and offers several key advantages to OEMs looking to deploy high performance computing and networking platforms in a compact package.If you need help with MicroTCA systems integrationcontact us for configuration, pricing, and availability.

Schroff 1U1U 19″ Rack Mount6 Mid-Size AdvancedMC ModulesSupports all Embedded Planet AMC cards
Schroff 3U3U 19″ Rack Mount10 Full-Size AdvancedMC ModulesSupports all Embedded Planet AMC cards
Schroff Industrial Cube7.5″w x 5.75″h x 14.25″d4 Full-Size AdvancedMC ModulesSupports all Embedded Planet AMC cards


Standalone AMC Verification and Development System

The EP AMC DEV board is a standalone development board for advanced mezzanine cards (AMC). It is an AMC carrier primarily intended for testing and verification of ports 0-11 on AMC module designs and for software development using AMC modules.

ProductIPMIForm Factor CompatibilityPower Supply
EP AMC DEVRenesas H8S2167 Based on Pigeon Point BMR-H8S-ATCAAMC.0, AMC.1, AMC.4, AMC.2 Type E2Standard ATX