Embedded System Services

With EP Connect we are 80% done with many projects before we begin.  The EP Design Studio focuses on the 20% РOptimizing and customizing the epConnect platform according to project requirements.

Product Design Services

The expertise to take your embedded device from concept to reality.

Housings, enclosures to PCAP touch screen interfaces for smartphone-like devices, pre-production concept and prototyping. Concept through sale-ready production.

Design Services

Embedded Software

Extensive experience with VxWorks, Embedded Linux, and embedded firmware.

BSPs and Firmware: Our software packages allow the embedded software engineer to start development or porting of their application quickly on the Embedded Planet hardware.

Custom Software

Custom Computing Solutions

Our capabilities are available on a project basis to design custom solutions tailored to you.

Both software and hardware design services are available- we have a wide range of embedded and computer system design capabilities.

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Product Management

Alleviating the headaches associated with volume production of embedded systems.

When needed, EP can take over the entire life cycle and logistics management function of your project to simplify deployment and save you money.

Product Management

Embedded Planet’s team has experience in all phases of embedded systems development and can provide you with services to help you reduce project risk, time-to-market, and cost.

We have extensive experience in high density board design, high speed signal connections, embedded operating systems, and embedded firmware. We can offer customized training packages to ensure project success.

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