Multi-Functional Wireless Node With Cellular, WiFi, & More

Biblios is a new epConnect Sensor Platform and is PSA Certified. Features include:

  • Processing using Infineon / Cypress PSoC 64
  • Wireless
    • Cellular CAT M1 and NB-IoT
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
  • Antenna – Several antenna options are available
  • Sensors
    • Temperature / humidity, pressure, air quality, sound, light, 6-axis accel/gyro, and 9-axis accel/gyro.
  • Enclosure – Several enclosure options are available for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Certifications include PSA Security, PTCRB, AT&T and Verizon

Biblios can also be used in epConnected Equipment and epConnected Vehicle.

Biblios Block Diagram - Embedded Planet

Enabling Your Connected World

Managing Data With Security

Embedded Planet implements PSA Certified (co-founded by Arm) Mbed OS on all their custom platforms. Secure firmware updates are implemented using device management and are looking at the Secure Element devices from Microchip for use on platforms that are more resource-limited. As a PSA-Certified Partner, Embedded Planet strongly believes that all data should be managed with the utmost security and care.

Certified As A Safe Solution

Security is imperative to the design of Biblios. It maintains its own Arm Certification as proof.

Security In The IoT Industry

As the world continues to learn how it can leverage data to improve itself the importance of safely managing that data grows. See what industry-leading companies are doing to protect the data of their customers.

     “Our platform Biblios Wireless Module is PSA Certified Level 1, which supplies a critical foundation of security in chips, OS, and devices. Security is incredibly important to our customers who expect the strongest measures are taken while handling their sensitive data. Embedded Planet takes the responsibility of developing these systems very seriously.”

– Chris Trowbridge of Embedded Planet