NXP P5020 -QorIQ Single Board Computer

The EP5020A AdvancedMC features the high performance NXP QorIQ P5020 dual-core PowerPC processor operating at up to 2.0GHz.

Target Applications:

  •     Network Attached Storage
  •     Server Blades
  •     Control Plane
  •     Media Gateways
  •     Aerospace and Defense

The EP5020A is a single width, full-height AMC processor board featuring the high performance, next generation 64-bit NXP QorIQ P50x0. Choose the P5020 dual core or P5010 single core e5500 PowerPC processor operating at up to 2.0GHz.

The highly integrated multi-core processor makes the EP5020A a natural fit for combined control and data plane applications on a single board, thereby reducing system cost, thermal budget and power consumption. The EP5020A is built for a range of computationally intensive applications in wireless base stations, media gateways, enterprise network access systems, and test and measurement systems.  The high performance classic floating point unit (FPU) combined with 64-bit data transfers result in a high computational capacity that creates a powerful solution for Defense and Industrial applications.  The built-in RAID 5/6 and Data Path accelerators allow for high-reliability storage area networks (SAN), server blades and network attached storage (NAS) that feature Policy Control and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

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Runs as a standalone development board!
  • Processor: NXP P5020 (QorIQ) with dual e5500 cores or a P5010 single e5500 core scaling to 2.0GHz.  Hybrid 32-bit mode supports legacy software and transition to 64-bit architecture.
  • RAM: Up to 8GB of DDR3 in two SODIMMs
  • Flash: Up to 128MB NOR Flash and 1GB NAND Flash
  • Ethernet: Up to four GigE ports configurable between the front panel and AMC channels 0 and 1
  • AMC Fabric Connectivity:18 SerDes lanes available, 16 used on board.  PCIe version 2.0 up to 5Gbps, SRIO version 1.3 with features of version 2.1 up to 5Gbps. RapidIO message manager support. XAUI 10Gbps Ethernet controller (1 port available).  SGMII, Ethernet Controller (Five 1Gbps or four 2.5Gbps available)
  • AMC Specifications: AMC.0, AMC.1 Type 4, AMC.2 Type E1/E2/5, AMC.3, AMC.4 Type 5/10
  • Sata: SATA version 2.0, supporting 1.5 and 3.0Gbps
  • Serial: Single RS-232 to front panel for monitor port
  • Power Supply: Via AMC connector per AMC.0 or from barrel connector when in stand-alone mode
  • Form Factor: Single width, full-height AMC.0
  • Debug: JTAG/COP via an onboard connector. High speed Aurora debug connector with 2 dedicated SerDes lane
  • Software Support: U-Boot bootloader, Linux, INTEGRITY, and VxWorks BSP available

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