Schroff 3U


  • Form Factor:

    3U 19″ rackmount. Accomodates 10 full-size AMCs and two full-size MCHs.

  • Processor AMC Options:

    All of Embedded Planet’s AMC boards have been tested and verified in the Schroff platform allowing for a range of price and performance options.

  • Customer Specified AMC Options:

    Tell us what you need in terms of DSP, FPGA or communication AMCs (from any vendor) and we can supply a complete custom system to you.

  • MCH Options:

    The MCHs can be ordered to include support for PCI Express or Serial RapidIO on the fabric channels, GigE on the base channel, and telecom clock distribution.

  • Storage AMC Options:

    Options are available for both SATA drives and Solid State Disks (SSDs) for high reliability and high performance systems. RAID configurations can be supported as well.

  • Software Support: 

    The Schroff platform can include NATView software on the MCH for maintenance and monitoring of the system. The Embedded Planet AMC boards are available with Linux or VxWorks BSPs.

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